At Goethe-Language Centres, we want to make your journey into learning the German language as smooth as possible. Below we’ve tried to prepare some answers for questions you may have along the way:

Getting Started

First time learning with us at the Goethe-Language Centres? Don’t worry, we’re here to get you learning in a few clicks.

Yes. We offer wide variety of courses for all types of work and study schedules. Take a look at our offerings here.

We offer both types of courses and everything in between – we offer online courses, face-to-face classes, as well as blended learning. Find the right course for you here.

Each class will differ in size depending on registration, but our class size limits are 16 in online courses and 20 in offline courses (unless stated otherwise). The learning method at the Goethe-Language Centres revolves around group exercises, so you’ll be sure to get to know everyone in your class.

Registration & Payment

Don’t be daunted by the paperwork, we’re here to walk you through.

It’s as simple as creating an account with us on the site and choosing the course that best fits your skill level and schedule and following the instructions. Please contact our staff via phone or email if you would like to register in person.

Registration opens up to xxx weeks before the exam date and closes x days before the time of the exam. Find and register for the right test for you here. In order not to miss a date, we recommend following the preferred text location via WeChat (link to Contact us of the specific language centre) for up-to-date news on exam dates and registration.

After we’ve received and processed your registration, we will send a confirmation email detailing how to secure your spot for the course/exam.

We will provide payment instructions via the confirmation email. We support payment via Wechat pay, bank card/visa, bank transfer, cash.

The course fee does not include the examination fee for the Goethe-Certificate. However, we provide internal pricing for those who have participated before or who have registered for a course at any of our Goethe-Learning Centres. Remember to have your proof of enrolment and other supporting documentation ready when applying for internal pricing.

Once you register for a course or exam, you will receive a confirmation email detailing the steps for finalizing your registration. Only after following these steps will you be secured your spot. While on the waiting list, you will still be able to register for another exam.

In cases like these, do not worry. Please get in touch with the staff at the exam/course location you actually wish to register at and provide them with the relevant booking information and details on how you would like to change your registration.

As with the above situation, please get in touch with staff at the exam/course location to inform them about your situation.

General Questions

Questions from those curious about German language for personal use and professional use. Follow this basic FAQ to learn how to get started in German language.

The Goethe-Institut was founded in 1951 by the government of Germany. It operates as a non-profit cultural institution for the promotion of German language study abroad and encouraging international cultural exchange. There are Goethe-Instituts worldwide. It is named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832), considered one of Germany’s greatest literary figures of the modern era. Learn more here.

Our staff is made up of both Chinese and German teachers, all of whom have been certified and trained by Goethe-Institut before stepping foot in the classroom. Every teacher also takes part in the Goethe-Institut’s regular advanced training courses, helping them continually improve and keep up with the latest research and teaching practises. In addition, the Goethe-Institut regularly audits our teaching and course structures to ensure world-class teaching standards.

The location of the courses and tests will be announced via confirmation email after we process your registration.

The Goethe-Test PRO is an online test tailored for professionals looking to validate their German language skills within 60 to 90 minutes. When the test starts, everyone begins on the same level. As the exam progresses, the test adapts its difficulty level to your skill level, using advanced algorithms to determine the next questions based on your previous answer. This eliminates the possibility of failure. After completing the test, the results and a report on your level of language proficiency are available immediately. These results provide you an ideal basis for decision-making, for example regarding the need for additional training measures. Learn more here.

The Goethe-Certificate is recognized on an international level. German employers, German universities, and the German government accept the Goethe-Certificate as proof of language fluency.

According to the German government, the A1 Goethe-Certificate qualifies you to work as an au pair in Germany as well as being a prerequisite for an immigration visa if you’re married to a German.

With the B1 and B2 Goethe-Certificate, you are eligible for admission into most German universities and jobs.

The C1 Goethe-Certificate provides eligibility for enrolment in the strictest German University courses as well as for work in medical fields. Teachers at German schools and those serving as a translator and interpreters are required by employers to have obtained the C2 Goethe-Certificate.

For contact information for each of our branches, click here.

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