Tutorials and Exams in July 2024

Course Announcement|May 23, 2024

The dates for tutorials and Goethe exams at Goethe-Jinchuang Shanghai in July 2024 have been set. Please register for our “tutorials and exams” via our new WeChat mini program at the times indicated further down in this announcement. Simply click and follow instructions below. So far, the menu navigation of the mini program is in Chinese language only. If you need assistance following the Chinese prompts, please scan QR-code below to download our English support manual that guides you through the registration process.

A quick reminder: we have improved the portfolio of the Goethe exams we offer for all levels of Goethe certificates in Shanghai! The exams are now presented under the new title of “tutorial and exam: Goethe-Zertifikat xx“. While the title has been adjusted, the main content has essentially remained the same: participants will take the desired exam and be issued certificates by the Goethe-Institut after passing the exam. However, the offer now also includes an additional 60 minute tutorial on the form and structure of the exam at no extra cost. That is why the new tutorial and exam format includes two dates – the one of the 60 minute tutorial course and the exam date itself. Please note both dates included in this concept when registering for your “tutorial and exam: Goethe-Zertifikat xx”. The tutorial part will be taught online via zoom software a couple of days before the corresponding Goethe-Zertifikat takes place offline as before.

The following table shows our planned schedule for both tutorials and the corresponding Goethe certificates exam dates for July 2024 (please be aware that we can only accept registrations from adult persons, 18 years of age or older).



Please note carefully the dates and times that the registration for the tutorial and exam of your choice will be unlocked. Our mini program will automatically show the tutorial and exam offers as “not open yet” until activated at the exact times announced above.
Click here for an short English manual to guide you through the Chinese menu navigation of the mini program.  


Or scan this QR-Code for an short English manual to guide you through the Chinese menu navigation of the mini program.

If participants do not complete and confirm their initially successful pre-registrations for our tutorials/exams by paying the corresponding fees on time, their reservations will go back into the system. If you do not immediately get a slot in the desired exam but are still interested, please check our miniprogram again at regular intervals to see if slots have become available again.

Important Notes

◇Participants may only register for one tutorial/exam on the same CEFR level (if we offer multiple tutorial exams on that level), and if participants are still waiting for the results of a previously taken exam at Goethe-Jinchuang they may not register for the new tutorial/exams on the same CEFR level of the previously taken exam until the previous results have been released.

◇Please, read the “terms and conditions” carefully and confirm them.

Tutorial + exam

CEFR level internal external 1 module external and internal (B1/B2/C1/C2)
A1 1400 1500
A2 1500 1600
B1 1800 2000 650
B2 1900 2100 700
C1 2000 2200 750
C2 2100 2300 800
Note: The internal price is limited to one time only. Only students currently enrolled in one of the language classes at the Goethe language learning center enjoy the preferential “internal price” for Goethe-exams in Shanghai. General language classes must include a minimum of 80 units, private classes at least 20 units.

Format Training

The Online Pre-Examination Intensive format training offers 1-2 days of intensive training for participants who wish to take the A1 to B2 Goethe Certificate exam.An experienced teacher will cover the following areas: introduction to the exam format, the exam process and the various parts of the exam; introduction to the requirements of the oral part of the exam; helping participants to correctly respond to and prepare for the various dialogue scenarios that will occur in the oral exam; training for the oral and written parts of the exam; and strategies for preparing for the exam, including individual feedback on participants’ performances during the training.


For your consideration, a quick summary of main differences between the new tutorial format, included in the exam offer and the intensive pre-examination format training:




E-mail: goethezertifikat.sh@goetheslz.com

Tel.: 400 169 0668

Also, consider live consultations via our public WeChat account at the following times: Monday through Friday 9:00 am-5:30 pm.

To contact us through WeChat, please click the keyboard icon at the bottom left of our WeChat channel.

Mini program 

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