1. General conditions of participation

1.1  Participation in a course is possible from the age of 16.

1.2  Literacy skills are required.

2. Registration and payment

2.1.  Without prior knowledge, German language learning begins with an A1 or A1.1 course. Course participants with previous knowledge take the placement test. The course level is determined on the basis of the placement test (see 3.3 and 5).

2.2.  Course participants complete the registration form in full and, with their signature, accept the General Terms and Conditions of the Goethe-Language Centre.

2.3.  Participants in offline courses must read and understand the “Information on pandemic prevention and control for offline courses” by their signature and must strictly adhere to the guidelines on Pandemic Prevention and Control of the Chongqing Municipal Government and Sichuan International Studies University during the course.

2.4.  Course fees are to be paid via the Sichuan International Studies University (SISU) unified payment platform. Detailed payment instructions will be provided as part of the enrolment process. Entitlement to course only if the full course fee has been paid on time.

3. Prices

3.1  The prices valid at the time of enrolment on the official website and the official Wechat channel of the Goethe-Language Centre are part of the contract.

3.2  Courses can only be booked as a whole. Exceptions see 6.

3.3  There is a fee of CNY 100 for taking the placement test, which will be credited to the course fees when registering for a course. In case of non-registration, the fee will not be refunded.

4. Withdrawal

4.1  Withdrawals from courses and any associated refunds must be made in writing within the specified deadlines to the following email address: info.chongqing@goetheslz.com. The date of the withdrawal is the date of receipt of the e-mail. Refunds will be processed by the Finance Department of Sichuan International Studies University within 8 weeks after submission of the refund form. Withdrawals automatically forfeit the right to prioritized exam registration for internal course participants.

4.2  In case of withdrawal before the start of the course, 90% of the course fees will be refunded. Teaching materials already issued must be returned.

4.3  In the event of withdrawal from the beginning of the course up to one third of the course duration, 50% of the course fees shall be refunded.

4.4  In the event of withdrawal after more than one third of the course, no course fees will be refunded.

4.5  In the case of withdrawal for health reasons or due to force majeure the language centre decides at its own discretion on the refund of fees.

5. Placement and course size

5.1  Students with no previous knowledge of German begin with an A1 or A1.1 course. Course participants with previous knowledge, which they have not acquired at a Goethe-Institut or a Goethe-Language Centre or with a certificate of attendance older than six months, take the placement test. The course level is determined on the basis of the placement test.

5.2 For offline courses, there is a minimum number of 10 and a maximum of 24 participants. Online courses have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 participants. Should the minimum number of participants not be reached, the Goethe-Language Centre reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or, in the case of offline courses, to offer small group courses. For a small group course of 5 to 7 participants, a fee increase of 1000,- CNY will apply, from 8 to 9 participants of 500,- CNY. In this case, participants will be offered a refund of the course fees or, if possible, a change of course.

6. Change of course, course format, entry into current courses and change of schedule

6.1   A change of course is possible if the desired course hasn´t reached the maximum number of participants and/or the management of the Goethe-Language Centre agrees to the change of course. The request for change of course must be submitted in writing by e-mail to info.chongqing@goetheslz.com. A one-time change is free of charge. For further course changes, a processing fee of 100 CNY will be charged. It is not possible to change between offline and online courses after the start of the course.

6.2   If an offline course is cancelled after the start of the course due to official pandemic measures or other reasons of force majeure, the language centre reserves the right to convert the course into an online course. This does not entitle the student to a refund of the course fees.

6.3   If there are still places available in an ongoing course, participants with no previous knowledge of German can join an A1 course up to 3 teaching days after the start of the course, participants with previous knowledge can join an ongoing course up to 1 week after the start of the course. In all other cases the teacher of the course decides after a placement test whether it is still possible to join the course. Students joining a course in progress will be charged the fees for the remaining lessons and an administration fee of CNY 500.

6.4   It is not possible to postpone participation in courses that have already been paid for. If participation is not possible due to health reasons or force majeure, the language centre will consider requests at its own discretion.

6.5   For course changes and possible postponements, written applications must be submitted to: info.chongqing@goetheslz.com.

7. Confirmation of Participation

7.1   Participants who attend at least 70% of the course units will receive a certificate of attendance from the Goethe-Language Centre.

7.2  The overall grade on the certificate of attendance is made up of participation in the lessons + the grades of the assignments + the grade of the final test = sum : 3 = overall grade.

7.3  The overall grade must be at least “Participation with success”, so that course participants can take part in the next higher course level.

8. Other processing fees

In the following cases, the language centre charges a processing fee of 100 CNY:

8.1  Repeated change of course

8.2  Replacement of certificates of attendance

8.3  Confirmation of attended lessons before the end of the course

9. Copyright of the courses

9.1 Course participants are not allowed to record or distribute course content. It is also forbidden to copy or distribute the textbooks, other course material or the examination papers. The language centre reserves the right to hold course participants who violate this clause legally responsible.

10. Exclusion of liability

10.1  The liability of the Goethe-Language Centre and its employees shall be limited to intent and gross negligence. The language centre shall not be liable for the cancellation of its services due to force majeure (e.g. natural disasters, fire, floods, war, official directives and all other circumstances beyond the control of the contracting parties).

10.2  The language centre is not liable for course participants’ valuables.

10.3  Course participants are liable for losses caused by their own negligence. If course participants behave physically or verbally aggressive towards staff members or other course participants or deliberately disrupt the order of the class, the language centre is entitled to refuse further participation in lessons without reimbursing course fees.